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Products for People who have Low Vision and People who are Blind


Low vision and Blindness products can greatly improve your quality of life, restore your independence, and enhance your ability to perform daily activities. These products can help you read, write, communicate, navigate your surroundings, and engage in other activities that you may have previously found challenging or impossible. By investing in Low Vision or Blindness products, you can regain your sense of control and confidence and lead a more fulfilling life.




I am 81 years old and have been visually impaired for as long as I can remember. Therefore, I have worked with several resources to assess and supply my needs. I retired from Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center for the Blind in Austin, Texas in 2006. Working there gave me a greater knowledge of resources for the visually impaired and those who supply them. In my opinion, on a scale of 1 to 10, Sloan Morris at Innovative Vision Products is 10.5. He demonstrates care and concern for his client’s needs and reaches out to supply those devices etc. in a way that increases our independent living and comfort. He responds promptly to phone calls and emails and will work with you to make suggestions based on your needs and concerns rather than on sales and profits. After associating with him for a short while, you will agree with me. Sloan Morris at Innovative Vision is indeed Innovative and caring.
Margarite – Bloomington, IL
Sloan has been an absolute asset in regard to helping our teachers and students with their AT and low vision devices. Sloan is knowledgeable with products and their features, responsive to needs, and is always willing to help support staff with trainings, device trials, and questions.
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